Sony Xperia T3 - IMEI number

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IMEI number

Every device has a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. You

should keep a copy of this number. If your device is stolen, your network provider can

use your IMEI number to stop the device from accessing the network in your country.

To view your IMEI number


Detach the cover of the SD card slot.


Place a fingernail under the right or left edge of the label tray, then drag the tray

outward to view your IMEI number.

You can also open the phone dialer on your device and enter


to view the IMEI number.


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To view your IMEI number in the device


From your Home screen, tap .


Find and tap

Settings > About phone > Status.


Scroll to

IMEI to view the IMEI number.